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The primary purpose of National Sports College is to enhance and develop values that foster leadership, self-discipline, and teamwork while providing successful, quality, competitive experiences that mirror the academic excellence of the institution. As students in the classroom strive for academic excellence, so do they on the athletic field in preparation, commitment and outcome.

Co-curricular programs at are developed for the purpose of supporting and enhancing the institution's basic missions of education and development, and the policies, practices and procedures of the Department of Soccer, Physical Education, and Tennis are designed to be consonant with those missions. The activities sponsored by the Department are designed to enrich the lives of our students, provide the necessary training ground for life growth, enhance the image of the institution, and build upon the academic mission of the College.

Within its resources, the Department is expected to provide a broad range of recreational and competitive programs for all in the college community who wish to participate: varsity athletics, physical education classes, club sports, intramurals, and use of facilities for personal fitness. These activities are intended most directly to benefit those community members (students, faculty, staff, and alumni) who participate in our programs.

Everyone is encouraged to play to the best of their abilities; however, a win-at-all-cost attitude is inappropriate and strongly discouraged. The genuine value of Intramural Sports comes from the recreation and camaraderie experienced with the other participants and staff of the program.

To be a viable Centre of Sports Excellence capable of making Ghana one of the booming destinations to sports talents, coaches and administration in the sub-region and to place Ghana high on the world map of sports. The National Sports College as one of the implementation agencies of Government policies on sports development and promotion has the responsibility to providing opportunities for peoples of all ages. Regardless of gender, race and ability to participate in sports at a level that suites their ability from beginners to become world class performers.

The College is also committed to creating the pathways and setting up structures and facilities that would enable the country’s sporting talents to have access to qualify and a modern sports education and training to become world class performers in the near future. Ghana is bequeathed with great sporting talents which when well given the appropriate guidance, training, education and support will go a long way to make the nation proud.

The College operates with the understated objectives:
i. To train and retrain coaches, sports administrators and physiotherapists
ii. Organize seminars, conferences and workshops on Sports management and administration
iii. Provide camping facilities to national teams and local clubs preparing for national and international assignments
iv. Research into sports related issues and disseminate findings to improve sports performance
v. Collaborate with the various local and international bodies e.g. FIFA, I.T.F, I.O.C, G.O.C, G.F.A, N.S.C etc in the running of courses for technical resource persons.
vi. Serve as an institute for departments and agencies under the Ministry for organizing seminars, conferences and workshops on issues related to such departments and agencies at reduced cost.
vii. To train groups of talented young boys and girls in various Sporting disciplines through the academy concept and to organize holiday training programmes, and
viii. Undertake any duty that may be assigned to it by the Ministry.

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National Sports College, Winneba P.O.Box 7 Adjacent UEW North Campus. Winneba, Central Region, Ghana

Box Winneba Central