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What courses does Federal IT Security Systems Ltd offer?

by Federal IT Security Systems Ltd
Greater Accra
1 months
Post Graduate Diploma
Company Training

About Federal IT Security Systems Ltd

The Owner, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Enock Foli Quaye, established FEDERAL IT SECURITY SYSTEMS LIMITED in 25th October, 2012.
FEDERAL IT SECURITY SYSTEMS LIMITED is a leading Hi-Tech Cyber Crime Investigations, Cyber Fraud Investigations, Cyber Security Engineering Services, Cyber Forensic Investigations, Datacenter Network Infrastructure Services, Broadband VSAT Services, Application Services Provider, Internet Services Provider, Training & Awareness and System Integrator located in Ghana with wide regional presence in the Global Market. The company has been always keen to develop and deliver excellent IT Business Solutions and Services, aiming to increase end-end revenue, enhance satisfaction, and provide a real competitive edge for its customers. The company’s Turn-key services deliver secure voice, data, video, Internet and other applications to diverse business fields and industry sectors including Education, Healthcare, Utilities, Military & Defense, Police, Oil & Gas, Network & Telecom Operators, Internet Service Providers, Banks & Financial Services, Carrier & Mobile Operators, Corporate & SME Networks, Wireless ISPs & Wireless Operators, Energy & Mining and Government.

FEDERAL IT SECURITY SYSTEMS LTD is an organization imparting invaluable academics services in order to tutor people about pertinent cyber security systems
issues and train individuals who will protect various domains. The focus of our organization is to eradicate cyber insecurity by becoming a cornerstone in
transfiguring Cyber Security Systems Management, Cyber Security Systems Engineering, Cyber Security Systems Architecting and creating a palpable mark in the
world of Cyber Security.

Our Education, Training & Awareness Mission
To create a center of excellence for cyber security. Facilitate the market with the best talent in information security & positively contribute to the academic, public and private sectors. Ingrain the spirit of national competitiveness and be a catalyst for change in the field of information security.

Our Education, Training & Awareness Goals
• To bring technologies that are most relevant to the requirements of our customers.
• To help our clients maximize on their investment in people and technology.
• To provide world class training solutions that is globally marketable.
• To work with our stakeholders to create a change in our society and world at large.

Our Education, Training & Awareness Strengths
Over the years, our enduring strategy has been three-pronged - Right Technology, Right People and Right Partnership. This approach has had a significant effect in our rise to be the leader in ICT skills in Ghana. We have partnered with global technology leaders to continuously bring globally competitive Information Technology skills closer to the people and further the noble course of human development in technology application. We pride in a culture of empowering our people by giving them ‘the right skills in the right environment.’ We have inculcated in our staff the need to keep abreast with technology and apply the same within the organization.

Enhancing the Future of Cyber Security Training
Federal IT Security Systems Academia: Academically offers specialist certifications cyber security. The programs are aimed at equipping professionals with relevant
knowledge leading them to safeguard national cyber infrastructure from all sorts of possible breaches. This inevitably allows professional to play an integral part towards making the cyberspace safe & secure. Federal IT Security Systems training is based on penetration testing, forensic analysis, systems analysis, network analysis and digital analysis. In order to ensure prompt implementation of these objectives, renowned faculty members are hired.

Belief in Enabling the Present to Protect
Federal IT Security Systems Amenities has stimulated its knowledge and resources towards offering Cyber Security Services as well as solutions inclusive of training (Certifications & Seminars & Workshops) to the commercial sector. Industrial Liaison is a key component in integrating academia and industry. This initiative will enhance the quality of education simultaneously leading to feasible solutions.

Cyber Security Program Overview:
The program aims to develop core competencies in the fields of computer networks security, application security and information security management. The
students will learn the technical aspects of information security by understanding current threats and vulnerabilities and examining ways of developing effective
countermeasures. To cater for wide range of professional and academic interests, students have the option of selecting fifty percent of their course work according to their specific needs.

Cyber Security Program Objectives
The overall program objectives are;
i. To fulfill the growing national need of well trained professional to work in a wide range of roles to protect information systems in all types of organizations, including
research and academia.
ii. To contribute towards national information infrastructure from all kinds of threats.
iii. To play an effective role in international efforts to make the cyberspace safe, secure and reliable for the national and international communities.

Federal IT Security Systems Academic Research: The Objective of research initiatives is to educate future leaders which will enable them to unveil knowledge and generate fresh ideas. An enthusiastic group persistently works in the field of cyber security thus publishing its result in reputed journals and conferences. This activity assists both academia and industry. The 3 key areas of research consist of; Intelligent Information Processing Research Group: Active areas of research within this group are cyber security including applications of text, numeric & image, watermarking for authentications, copy right protection and content secrecy. Data mining employed for intelligent decision-making and expert systems is another feature of this group.
Secure and Dependable Systems Research Group: The research conducted by the group encompasses of areas including: software engineering, cyber security and communication systems.
Empirical Software Engineering Research Group: The focus of empirical software engineering group is mainly on the applied software engineering research. Aiming
global research efforts on evidence-based software engineering in order to investigate and the familiarize technologies in the software development practice.

Where is Federal IT Security Systems Ltd located?

Federal IT Security Systems Ltd


Box DS 2101, Dansosman, Accra 00233 Accra Greater Accra



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